Monday, July 26, 2010

knit, purl

While in Muscatine, IA, I had the opportunity to try something I've been wanting to learn for a long time. I learned how to knit!

At the Serendipity Yarn Shoppe, I picked out my first pair of needles (Brittany Art Deco birch needles, size 9) and a ball of yarn. I sat down with the shop owner for a few minutes while she showed me how to cast on and knit. I started my very first scarf.

The motions were awkward at first, and the needles unyielding, but by the time I was on a plane back to State College, it felt natural. A few days after arriving home, I finished my lumpy, holey scarf.

My first scarf. Isn't the yarn wonderful? It's Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted weight with 75% acrylic and 25% wool. The color is 7511.

But after starting my second scarf, tragedy struck. I left my needles on my bed and when climbing in that night, I sat on one of the needles and snapped it clean in half. I was so sad! Not only did I lose my beloved needle, but my bottom had obviously reached epic proportions to snap wood in half. This now brings the total of things I've broken with my butt to 2.

I looked up the Brittany website to see where the nearest dealer was located. Not anywhere near me, it turns out. I did notice their product guarantee, offering to replace any broken needles at no charge. I e-mailed them and waited impatiently for a response. I received a reply a couple days ago informing me it would be "no problem". What great customer service! I can't wait to receive my new needle.

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