Saturday, June 5, 2010

the adventures of cleaning

I don't mind cleaning, I really don't. I would even venture to say that I enjoy cleaning on occasion. But cleaning my room sucks. I never really tidied it before moving into my apartment last August and the mess increased as I dug around rooting for things to pack. Clothes and clothes and clothes everywhere. Empty Diet Dr. Pepper cans. Boxes. Blankets and sheets and pillows. I even managed to step on my wonderful lap desk while moving my television to my apartment, which resulted in a large crack and explosion of tiny foam beads that stick to everything. This stresses me out greatly, because no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get rid of them.

The stress has started to subside as I move into the organization part of cleaning. I've found some great forgotten treasures:

  • A Venus de Milo magnet I bought in Paris last spring
  • 2 "gold" rings, which upon closer inspection are engraved with Tengwar. Yes, I am sad to say I own 2 One Rings of Lord of the Rings fame
  • My souvenir pressed penny collection
  • Ruby earrings
  • A pair of cashmere socks
  • Some pretty nail polish
  • My very first piano book, emblazoned with yellowing stickers
  • A pack of scrapbook stickers
  • £10 and a bag of Euros
  • Seashells from Sanibel Island
  • Quarters...lots of quarters
  • A silver necklace from Taos
  • The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin (This happens to be one of my favorite books of all-time)
More to come, I'm sure.

I'm also working on a complete re-haul of my bedroom. I've got some nice artwork to add from my apartment and I'm going to completely rearrange my furniture. My project for this summer is to paint my walls. I'm thinking a pale creamy yellow with a dusty pink accent wall.

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At June 5, 2010 at 11:00 PM , Blogger Canyon Girl said...

Isn't it amazing what you find when you dig around your room? Things you've been missing; things you now realize you missed but didn't know were missing...


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